Jackson Hole in November

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Welcome to Jackson’s off-season! Jackson Hole in November is an interesting time of year. While there are a handful of local events and great off-season deals, not many are in town to actually enjoy them. Our “extra” residents don’t show up til the season starts at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and it’s the perfect time of year to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Several restaurants in town offer some amazing deals. Blue Lion, The Fine Dining Group, and the Blue Collar Group offer various deals, including 2-for-one entrees (Blue Lion and Trio),  2-for-one fajitas (Merry Piglets), buy one-get-one-for-$2 (Fine Dining Group, Orsetto’s and Cafe Genevieve). It’s a great time to run into your friends and get out a taste the newest menu items at these various restaurants.

In addition to the off-season specials, there are a handful of events that are a must-see/do. The Annual Fireman’s Ball comes to mind at the top of the list. A great cause, good music, and plenty of locals to mix and mingle with…don’t forget your cowboy boots and jeans! Jackson Hole Moose starts up in November, and this local hockey team is an entertaining way to spend a Friday or Saturday evening! Jackson’s Got Talent is a 5 year-old entertaining evening put on by Teton Literacy and features local talent of all ages. Lastly, we have our Tree Lighting Ceremony on the 23rd of November in the Town Square where Santa Claus makes his first debut.

Jackson hole in novemberWe have a handful of spots with live music in Jackson Hole in November. The Silver Dollar Bar in the Wort Hotel is also a good choice on a Friday or Saturday night. We like the Stagecoach “Church” on Sundays, where locals can be seen 2-stepping to the Stagecoach Band. We do get occasional concerts at the Pink Garter and the Mangy Moose and the Cowboy Bar, once open, has bands several nights a week.

Since the ski hill doesn’t open until the 24th, November is a great time to try out some ski fitness classes at the Rec Center, Training to Be Balanced and other gyms around time. There are still a handful of spots you go walking or biking around town, including the Snake River dikes, Cache Creek and Josie’s Ridge. Our Crossfit gyms offer discounted memberships and our yoga and pilates studios have plenty of classes to meet your needs! Have you tried karate yet? You can also try your skills in the arts; we have a variety of art classes at our Center for the Arts.

Jackson Hole in November can be cold and wet, but keeping yourself active with help the off-season speed by. And towards the end of the month, when the ski season starts up and the crowds come back in, you will wish you were back in November in quiet, peaceful Jackson Hole!