Areas of Jackson Hole

What to know more about Jackson Hole? Here you will find detailed information about the real estate areas of Jackson Hole and the subdivisions within those areas. Understand the areas you are looking at from both a market perspective and the benefits of living in that area. Let the NeVille Group with over 30 years in the field be your guide!

real estate areas of Jackson Hole

North of Jackson

North of Jackson properties offer seclusion and quick and easy access to the National Parks.

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Teton Village

Teton Village is a quaint little village that backs up to Teton National Forest and Grand Teton National Park. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort sits in Teton Village.

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North of Wilson

Part of the Westbank of the Snake River, North of Wilson includes large, old subdivisions, Teton Views, and close access to Teton Village and Grand Teton National Park.

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South of Wilson

The vast majority of South of Wilson properties are off of Fall Creek Rd in Wilson. These homes tend to have larger acres, seclusion, and an abundance of wildlife.

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Central Valley

Central Valley properties live in the space between the Snake River and just south of Sagebrush Drive. Boasting some great views yet close enough to the action, Central Valley is a sweet spot.

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Town of Jackson

The Town of Jackson is a vibrant community with a variety of subdivisions, condos, and town-homes. The majorities of properties reside with the town of Jackson city limits.

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South of Jackson

South of Jackson like it’s name dictates, is the entire area south of Hwy 22 along Hwy 89 that is not within town limits and ends at the county line.

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