South of Jackson

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South of Jackson is the area of Jackson Hole south of High School Drive, excluding Rafter J that was annexed into town several years ago. South of Jackson includes a handful of apartment buildings but primarily ranches and single-family homes.

South of Jackson provides quiet living, especially if you buy off of South Park Loop, where traffic is limited to homeowners and the service industry. South of Jackson provides Teton Views from a distance, and rather has fabulous views of the Snake River Range, including Munger Mountain. This area also has several boat launches on the Snake River and provides easy access to our infamous Snake River Canyon where “Lunch Counter” and “Big Kahuna” with show you how to get wet.

There is a small elk herd that winters in this area, and other wildlife are abundant in this area. South of Jackson also has our newest elementary school, Munger Mountain, that is a bilingual program.

This is a great area to own larger properties that are generally less expensive than the homes in Central Valley, South of WIlson, and North of Wilson. Furthermore, the area known as Hoback as a great little grocery store and gas station and property values in this area are still affordable.

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south of Jackson

south of jackson subdivisions


1. Skyline Ranch
2. Indian Springs Ranch
3. 3 Creek Ranch
4. North Meadow
5. Shootin’ Iron
6. Melody Ranch
7. Polo Ranches
8. Little Horsethief
9. River Front
10. Roger’s Point
11. Double R Ranch
12. Deer Creek/ Palmer Creek
13. Snake River Sporting Club.

These are the largest South of Jackson subdivisions and are to give you an idea of location. For a more accurate measurement of the actual subdivision, please visit the Teton GIS.