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Movies, Dance Performances and Plays: Jackson Hole Entertainment

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When we talk about Jackson Hole entertainment, we could mention all sorts of music venues and shows, movie theaters, dance performances and plays that make up our culture here. And while our Broadway is not like the Broadway of NYC, we still have plenty of culture if you know where to locate it. With the increase in development in the …

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Our Best 3 Short Hikes in Jackson Hole

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If you are looking to buy property in Jackson Hole, it’s nice to know all the good spots for various activities in the valley and to try them out before you buy. Afterall, you want to spend those precious 3-4 months of the Fall and Summer in Jackson Hole doing exactly what you came to the area to do…enjoy the …

An Excellent Investment Opportunity in The Aspens

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In 1982, my parents visited Jackson Hole to see my aunt and go skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. They immediately fell in love and two days later, bought a Yampa condo in the Aspens for around $145,000. They saw an excellent investment opportunity in the Aspens and in Jackson Hole Real Estate in general. They were not wrong! This …

A Hike Around Jenny Lake

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Last week, we decided to go for a little hike around Jenny Lake. Afterall, we live in this paradise called Jackson Hole and might as well take advantage of it. Furthermore, Jenny Lake has everything you want in a Grand Teton National Park hike…water, views, and varied terrain. As a local, we know that Jenny Lake is a popular tourist …

Create Your Own Legacy Ranch

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This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! You can create your own legacy ranch here in Jackson Hole by combining several currently available properties. The result is an unique Jackson Hole Ranch unlike any other. Have we peaked your interest yet? Let us show you how. Aspensong is a contemporary and elegant home on 35 acres in Crescent H. …

Benefits Living North Of Town

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Let’s face it, living in Jackson is one big benefit! But each area of the valley has it’s own benefits that make it more desirable than others for various reasons. This, of course, depends on what you are looking for in a home or property. So if you are buying in Jackson Hole, what are the benefits living north of …

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Snow King: The Town Mountain

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Jutting straight up from the east side of Jackson is our town mountain: Snow King. This fabulous recreation hub is a favorite for concerts, outdoor activities, town competitions, you name it! If you live near this ski resort, you are in luck! Snow King Mountain is expanding it’s activities! Want to go for a hike? 45 minutes of a great …

The Benefits of a Love Ridge Condo

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We recently had a new listing come on to the market, MLS #17-2214, a Love Ridge Condo priced at $1, 675,000. This gorgeous condo is luxurious, updated and in great condition! The photographs do it more justice that I can! But there is more to Love Ridge then just a condo in Jackson Hole. The benefits of a Love Ridge …